Gray Bama Bass Hat

Bama Bass

$ 19.99

One size fits all.

Bama Bass is our YouTube channel where you can find fishing videos using all of the baits we sell here at Bama Frogs. You can visit our YouTube channel at

Bama Bass Hat Bonus! Liz and I travel to lots of fishing events throughout the year including Elite Series tournaments,  ICAST, and Alabama football games. If we see you wearing a Bama Bass hat at any event we will give you a $50 gift certificate to our store.

Big Fish Bonus - If you catch a 5 lb bass or bigger wearing our hats you get a free lure. Send us a picture of your big catch to



William - Birmingham, AL


Jacob White- Keystone Heights, FL


Dan Lewis - Valrico, FL

Stephen Poolos - San Jose, CA

Milt Guzman - Walnut Creek, CA

Nick Clowdus

Dan Lewis

Rane Blanco

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