Dirty Jigs No-Jack Swim Jig

Dirty Jigs

$ 5.69

These are the perfect jigs for every swim jig application. Swim jigs work great around grassy areas where you cannot fish a spinnerbait or chatterbait. Add a 4" boot tail Keitech Trailer and swim it near grass and stumps and target spawning flats in the Spring. Switch to the 1/2 oz in the summer and swim it near ledges, humps, and drop offs.  

BamaBass Favorite Color Combinations:
Dirty Jig / Keitech Trailer:
Spot Killer / Sight Flash
Bluegill 2 / Green Pumpkin Chartreuse
Black Blue / Black Shad
Black Blue Purple / Black Shad
Dirty Shad / Sight Flash
Chartreuse Shad / Sight Flash
Green Sunfish / Green Pumpkin Chartreuse
Guntersville Shad / Sight Flash
Alabama Craw / Ayu
Baby Bass / Sight Flash
Hematoma / Black Shad
Warmouth / Green Pumpkin Chartreuse
White / Sight Flash


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