NetBait Paca Chunk


$ 2.99


6 per pack.

Tips: Add a Paca Chunk as a trailer to a Dirty Jig and flip it around wood or rip rap.

BamaBass Favorite Color Combinations:
Dirty Jig / Netbait Paca Craw Color:
Alabama Craw / Watermelon Crawfish
Black Blue / Black Blue Flake
Winneconne Craw / Green Pumpkin Red
Green Sunfish / Sun Perch
Pumpkinseed Bream / Sun Perch
Crystal River Craw / Bama Bug
Beaver Craw / Bama Bug
Alabama Bream / Watermelon Crawfish
Green Pumpkin Craw / Green Pumpkin Red
Bluegill 2 / Bama Bug
Definite Watermelon / Watermelon Crawfish

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