LiveTarget Gizzard Shad


$ 8.99

We love fishing swimbaits, especially when bass start chasing schools of baitfish in the Fall and Winter. LiveTarget has done an excellent job of creating a spitting image of a gizzard shad. Its unique design gives a subtle tail kicking action as it swims through the water making it look extremely lifelike. Also, the top fin acts as a weed guard and makes it weedless.

BamaBass Favorite Size: 4.5"

Tips: Use the Green Bronze if you are fishing around threadfin shad and use the Violet Blue color if you are fishing around gizzard shad. Fish these near schooling baitfish for best results.

Also, see the LiveTarget Threadfin Shad Swimbait.

If you are fishing in open water, we suggest adding a Size 4 Mustad Treble Hook to the bottom with a #3 split ring.

4.5" weighs 1 ounce.

5" weighs 1.5 ounces.

5.5" weighs 2 ounces.




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