Fish Head Primal Buzzbait

Fish Head

$ 8.99

Fish Head has created a unique buzzbait to not only bubble on the surface but create flash below the surface with an added underspin blade.

BamaBass Favorite: 1/4 oz in Albino or Black

Tips. Fish the buzzbait in open water or around schooling baitfish. Use the natural colors like Albino or Pearl White when the sun is out and use Black in low light conditions. Make SURE to use a trailer hook below. The recommended swimbait trailers are optional.

1/0 Trailer Hook

Swimbait Combinations:

Albino Buzzbait with Guntersville Shad Little Dipper

Black Buzzbait with Black Shad Keitech 4"

Pearl White with White Trash Little Dipper

BamaBass video coming soon!

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