Teckel Sprinker Frog


$ 13.99

***Update**** All Sprinkers have sold out. We apologize if you were unable to purchase any at this time. We are hoping to get some back in stock in late August but deliveries are not guarenteed. The demand for this product far exceeds what is being produced and we are selling them the only fair way we know how. We are also working on our website to reserve the items once you get them into your cart to allow time to checkout.

This could be the hottest topwater lure released in 2017. It combines the best attributes of a frog, buzzbait, and a whopper plopper. You can fish it in open water or over grass and pause it in the strike zone because it floats!

BamaBass Favorite: Pearl White and Bone

Tips: Fish this frog over grass or in open water. Use a stop and go technique for best results.

Each frog weighs 5/8 oz.



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