Disney World Scavenger Hunt


While Liz and I were in Orlando for ICAST, we decided to host a scavenger hunt for you all. We dropped off clues at each theme park for prizes including new fishing reels, $100 gift cards, and even Sprinker Frogs.

If you find any of the clues or prizes, film yourself finding it and feel free to give a shout out to your social media sites. We will create a YouTube video of all the winners video clips after all the prizes have been found. Winners send video clips to stephenrussell@bamafrogs.com.

Rules: You can only claim 1 prize per household. Please do not attempt to find other clues and prizes after finding your first. Send us an email after finding a clue or prize so we can update our status page below.


Animal Kingdom:

Big Tree Clue/Prize - Found by Chris Mendoza!

Avatar Clue/Prize - Clue found by Chris Mendoza!

Hollywood Studio:

Haunted House Clue/Prize - Found by Unknown from California.


Big Golf Ball Clue/Prize - Found by Luke Lewis!

Magic Kingdom:

Lake by No Wake Sign Clue/Prize - Found by Austin Anderson!


Palm Tree Clue/Prize - Found by Bradley Woolgar!

Bass Pro Spanish Fort:

Waterfall Clue/Prize - Found by Mack Parker!