Topwater Whopper Plopper and Double Plopper Buzzbait

One of the hottest topwater baits on the market, the Whopper Plopper, now has a counterpart as River2Sea is introducing the Double Plopper Buzzbait.

Video Contest: To enter, film a fish catch on either of the two baits, the Whopper Plopper or the Double Plopper Buzzbait. Two winners will be selected based on categories below.

Entertainment: This is one of the top categories as we are looking for that exciting topwater video that we all love to watch. Action shots, big blowups, and fish catch celebrations!

Creativity: Lets see how creative you can get. Video edits that enhance the look and feel of the catch are recommended.

Fish Size: This contest is not based on the biggest catch. Any size fish can enter, although the bigger it gets the more exciting it is to watch. Also, multiple fish catches are allowed.

Prizes: Two winners will be selected and each will receive a $150 gift card to Bama Frogs, an additional topwater package valued at $50, and some Bama Frogs apparel. Each winner will also be entered into a drawing against the other contest winners for a 2 day guided fishing trip with us in Alabama.

Rules: The Whopper Plopper or Double Plopper Buzzbait must be purchased at Bama Frogs to enter. Purchases of either of the two baits from Bama Frogs prior to this contest are also allowed.

Period: July 1st - September 30th, 2016.

Please send all video entries to


Winner #1: Gilberto Bory

Winner #2: Parker Robinson

The overall winner for the 2 day guided fishing trip with us is Matthew Simmons. Watch video below for the drawing.



Gilberto Bory - Florida







Vincent Edwards


 Dominick Scoleri


Jacob Grubbs


Dan Lewis


Parker Robinson