Fish Head Spin - Underspin

Fish Head

$ 5.99

BamaBass Favorite Combinations:

Pearl White Head Spin / 4" Keitech Sight Flash, White Pearl Zoom Fluke Jr., White Trash Little Dipper

Albino Head Spin / Albino Zoom Fluke Jr., Guntersville Shad Little Dipper

Smokin Shad Head Spin / 4" Keitech Black Shad

Sexy Shad Head Spin / 4" Keitech Sight Flash, White Ice Zoom Fluke Jr., Sexy Shad Little Dipper

Tips: Fish the head spin in late Fall and Winter in deep water near schooling shad. Pair it up with a 3.5" or 4" Keitech swimbait  and Reaction Innovations Little Dipper for active bass or a Zoom Fluke Jr. for lethargic bass. Use 10-14 lb fluorcarbon based on how deep you are fishing. Use a low gear ratio reel to fish your head spin in deep water.



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